welcome to the hypocrisy of our demonocracy.

Do as we wish not as we do , we’ll turn to rot all things you do.

We’ll sate our greed with souls we’ve spoiled and make all  you minions sweat and toil.

We’ll rape you folks for all you can give, the more of you die the more of us live.

Vote for us and not for him , we’ll lie to your face with polite evil grins.

We’ll gather and hoard your personal wealth then leave all of you poor saps to wallow in filth.

We’ll banish your god and replace him with lucifer, lets face y’all your world can’t get any stupider.

Then when your days are said and done, We’ll take whats left after your gone.

So come fine fools cast them votes for the red-faced one with cloven hooves and horns of goat.

So welcome to the hypocrisy of our demonocracy, we’ll fatten you up on lies and deceit , now sell us them souls … Whats that you say …. sorry we don’t give receipts.



    • Thankyou , but im not sure about limitless talent , its more just whats in my messed up mind at the time. Now of course we have our very own wanna be Trump in the form of Boris Johnson its confusing times.


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