3,886 miles.

3,886 miles apart so tell me where I’m meant to start to tell you what you mean to me , you so far away across sea.

I fell for the idea of you , the way you are the things you do , though sadly we may never meet but I wish you were just down street.

We could laugh, we could talk and if the mood took us we could go for a walk and chat about the strange the true exchange our thoughts , you to me and me to you .

All this is just a dream I have you probably think i’m daft , but to me you are a treasured friend who with my life I would defend .

You’ve calmed my fears when I’ve felt frantic , yet you live on the other side of the atlantic , 3,886 miles away but i’ll be your friend till my dying day .

For final words I’d like to state I love you my friend , my pal , my mate.


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