A hidden world

It was a time of confusion and uncertainty.
Tumult, uproar, and, chaos had taken over.
Meanwhile, the technological world was booming.
Humans yearning for conversation and interaction.
Needing reassurance that ‘life’ is still going on, out there.
A world full of masked people…all with their own story to tell.
In all of this unpredictability came a tale.
In a club, that’s not a club,
in a full, but otherwise, empty room.
Conversations spanning the world.
Dancers whirling and twirling.
Drinks that are never drunk.
Disco music pumping, giving an excited feeling of replenishing a lost, or, stolen freedom.
Two strangers, kindred souls, meet and
talk like friends of old.
Many attending, several interacting, and, of
all who are out… Karyn and Andy are born.
A friendship spanning the globe.
In the midst of a world embroiled in chaos and confusion…
communication and concern seemed to diminish.

The ‘hi, how are you’ and, the ‘hi, just checking in on you’ calls suddenly ceased.
Where are they all? Where did they go?
What happened to those ‘friends’ some of us thought we had?
How strange to discover that in this world of people, now wearing masks…
Some were wearing them long before.
The ones we thought would be there, the ones we thought would call, disappeared.
And, through all the disorder, and bedlam…
another world was found.
One concealed of treasured souls, and kindred spirits.
‘Strangers’ who would prove to express more concern, than the ones we, once, thought would.
A hidden world, in which a cherished and life-long friendship and bond evolved.
And the only mask they wear, is for protection..not concealment.
This is our tale…this is our story.
A kinship developed during a pandemic which, indirectly, brought to light that masks are nothing new, and, gems aren’t always within reach. Some are hidden, way across the world.

Co-written by: Karyn Cotillo & Andy Proctor 7/3/2020

You can see more of Karyns work here https://reflectionswritingspoetry.blogspot.com/?m=1

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