Anger Missmanagement

Here comes that anger again, triggered by the small and mundane.

Simmering till erupting blast,but look what it’s cost me in the past.

A marriage , my family , even my sanity.

But still the rage is freed from its cage.

As calm as I may appear to seem, it’s there always with me , in my shadows , waiting , unseen.

This creature , this side of me I fear, its twisted face , it’s evil leer.

It screams at the moon and curses the sun, argues with time it never seems to be gone.

Sometimes I’ve worn it like armour, a method to cope with the next drama, my words are my shield ,my temper my lance the words ringing inside me ” Come on then lets dance”

One day , someway I’ll cure my particular Mr Hyde, but for now it remains the sickness inside.

It poisons my mind time after time, I just want to feel at peace is that such a crime ?

It whispers vile nothings into my ear, listen in closely , please tell me you hear.

If I should finally blow, forgive me I’ll just have to go.

Just leave me to walk , mutter and stalk but please don’t follow, I’ll be cursing myself in a sickened sorrow.

So here comes that anger again triggered by the wrong and unjust.

Like a demon it rises , resist it I must.

Here comes that anger again.






  1. This is so powerful. You have managed to define something and to reveal it to the world so seemingly easy, yet so many people never fully understand that part of themselves that hides just beneath the surface and lashes out so quickly. I absolutely love the power of your work!

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