Behind the bookcase

I slowly climb the creaking stairs to find an old bookcase standing there.

Behind the leatherbound dusty tombs a light shines out ,the room it combs

I prise away the case ,wood wrenching groans

A lighthouse stands on  coasts rocky bones

Tall and proud and whitewash white it shines its light into the night

Approached upon a cobble path an ancient door frame through which I pass

Round and round a winding stair onto a deck high in the air a strange experience I now will share.

I step upon the beam of light and off I roam into the night, above the tall ships billowing sails , and way above the spouts of whales

Above the clouds beneath the stars I wander long I wander far until the moons  song comes to close  shinning sun soon appears my light bridge starts to disappear

Falling fast my my life does flash like so many photographs , the rushing wind the only sound I surely soon will hit the ground.

In dizzy daze my eyes now fade into darkness there is no pain , I must have passed beyond this life I feel no stress I feel no strife, a warming hand upon my brow I still draw breath but lord knows how.

With clearing sight I now behold a Dark haired maiden my hand she holds ” Rest now sir you’ve had a fall , I will not leave you not at all”

In time she healed my broken form we’d talk and laugh from dusk till dawn we’d walk upon the golden beach hand in hand cheek to cheek we found a love that we’d not seeked

Those joyus days that summer long we raised our voice in happy song but I knew winter was drawing near and that dreaded lightbridge would reappear and very soon I’d have to leave and find that lighthouse across the sea

Back across the ocean blue back to a life I hardly knew , descending now the spiral stair the cobbled path the bookcase’s there through the hole in realitys wall the lighthouse still stands white and tall .

I swallow the memories , deep deep down wishing my lover I had not found , with one last push and saddend face the bookcase sits back in its place with dusty volumes old as time , this brings to a close this tale of mine.

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