There is a darkness growing within me, slowly ,inevitably all consuming

I run to the point of exhustion lungs burning from exersion but i cannot escape the

inner storm .

It approaches now a relentless predator, salivating at the thought of the kill

the end of the better parts of me.

It is the evil,the sour, the putrid a menagerie of demonic form, all thats rotten, debautched, decayed. My light a sputtering matchlight in the deepening pool of my darkest thought.

Bring me a lantern to light my path ,guide me back to life here there is only death.

Lend me some hope to burn in my heart, here there is none.

Make me a map to help me find the way out, here there are endless wrong turns.

Give me your hand to show back to love. here i feel nothing.

Give me some help …please .. i’m drowning.



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