Diner Secrets

See the old diner down on the corner, lets go in and see whats occurring.

See Bob and Sue on table two, married with kids the perfect little family. What Bob does’nt know about, is the passionate embrace Sue ended up in last night , with thier babysitter Michelle. You see after an anniversary night out, Bob got drunk  leaving Sue to drive Michelle home. Niether Sue or Michelle had planned this it just happened to happen that way.

See Father John on table one, in for his daily black coffee. He’s always there with a quote and a prayer or a bless you my son. But what nobody else knows is, John lost his faith a decade ago, he just carries on because it’s all that he knows. He of course feels guilty for the false blessings he hands out , but he can’t help it , it just happened to happen that way.

See over there by the door on table four, crazy old Jane her language profane. What nobody remembers now is . In Janes youth , she was an actress with a developing career in Holywood , a star in the making . Unfortunatley her career was cut short , thanks to an over familiar local govener and an unplanned pregnancy , of course in her day that sort of thing was frowned upon , and her silence was duly bought, she wasn’t proud of it. It just happened to happen that way.

See Jack and Reese on table 3, burley construction workers , always there with a joke or a prank at each others expense.What Jack does’nt know is Reese is in love with him. Reese had never had feelings for another man , until he met Jack but he can’t tell him . Jack is as straight as they come.Reese goes home and crys at night, he can’t help the way he feels . It just happened to happen that way.

See Karley the waitress , cleaning table five  not really noticed by the other customers inside. Karley is working her way through college . Her father is in jail for aggrevated assault and her mother died of a heroin overdose when Karley was just six years old. Karely is studying law , and hopes one day to have her own practice.Her past drives her to work hard to succeed. She’s making it happen it’s happening that way.

The next time you sit in a diner , take a look around at the mixture of people inside, you never know whats going on behind the glasses , the rustling newspapers and glossy magazines. Everyone has thier secrets , it just happens to happen that way.



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