Standing face to face, so close yet so far apart .

Your eyes searching mine in an eternal moment.

What are you searching for ?

I see the infinity of the universe reflected back in yours.

The evening is humid, the remains of the heat of the day, enchanted by your beauty i’m fearful of that first touch the touch that will plunge me fully into your world.

Leaning in closer your breath brushes my lips, a warm shudder pulses through my body . Im caught imobile entangled in your aura, your scent your gaze.

The pain of my past fades away, the future rushes on in a million luminous colours.

In this instant I know you are the only one I will ever love this way fully, intimately , your successes, your failures , your hopes , your fears,your dreams and realitys I will gladly share them all .

Still lost in the depth of your eyes the gentle touch of your lips seals my fate.

I give you my life such as it is and may it be forefit if required.

I belong to you , for as long as you want or need me , you are my truth , for you I will fight , you are my warm morning after dark cold night .


  1. This is amazing. Your writing always is, but this one really pulled me in and I felt every single word. I seriously have goosebumps right now.

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    • Thankyou i was trying to put into words a feeling that i have only ever had once in my life . Unfortunately it was one of those situations where i gave everything but was repaid with lies and cheating.


  2. I am so sorry. That kind of pain rips your insides out…U deserve such a beautiful world, and I hope you get it.


    • Thankyou , but ive lost faith in the world of “relationships “. Ive decided to remain a single entity and focus on writing and music . I’m sure theres meant to be a and they all lived happily ever till the end of thier days some where in life. But i kinda like the “and they all suffered twisted diabolical endings while he descended into a madness of his own making ” now thats to me how to end a fairy tale .


  3. Wow, we have that in common 😀 I don’t have the greatest faith in the idea of relationships, so I truly believe that creativity comes first and everything else falls into place after that. And you know something? Happily ever afters are lame and boring. Words like ‘Twisted’, ‘diabolical’, and ‘madness’ are so, so much better 🙂

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