Halcyon Days

Remember when we walked hand in hand along that golden summer sand.

Not another soul in sight just me and you,sun setting in a golden hue.

We were young and full of wonder, we did not talk just strolled and pondered.

The hour grew late , the moon appeared , I brushed a strand of hair behind your ear.

I looked at you that diamond smile, I always loved your shabby style.

We never had that much in life, but we stuck together through joy and strife , a lucky man and his beautiful wife.

We raised two kids, our pride did swell as they grew up and then excelled.

We loved and laughed year after year, until at length we ended up here.

Here in this white room , but you’ll not find me full of gloom, I’ll take a breath and dry my tears remembering those happy years.

Then as you quietly slipped away , my mind recalled those halcyon days , when we were young and wild and free, hand in hand , you and me.

An old man walked the beach alone , the night air chilled his aching bones , his hand reached out in invisible grasp , our lives so fleeting they go so fast.

To what he see’s perspective shifts,the love of his life so dearly missed , he clutches tight the offered hand , and with that departs this mortal land.

Along we walk down in the bay forever in our halcyon days.





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