A short story idea.

Did you know that there are layers in life and death? … Yes it’s true , the oddest thing is I’ve always sort of known , I’m not sure how , but always if only I had listened to myself the last six times.

I hope your following this … No right so let me explain.

Layer 1 Life: We all know this one right , the every day joys and losses, wondering , worrying if your doing the right thing, just living the best life you can .

Layer 2 Death : Spoiler alert, death is not the end. Death is kind of like a waiting room , take a ticket and wait your turn, it can take a while it gets busy here.

Layer 3 Assessment : Imagine a white room with no end, filled with rows and rows of tables and chairs. On one side of the table sits the assessor, on the other you. If at this point your wondering what’s in the Manila folder on the table , its a neatly typed and bullet pointed report on you , your life , everything good or bad you’ve ever done.

The real crusher though is your assessor will come in the form of the person you loved most in life , but a disconnected, dispassionate version of them, they will interview you , and the questions they ask will not be easy or pleasant, they will then make a recommendation if you are fit to move to the next level.

Layer 4 Soul sorting : A huge metaphysical conveyor belt system , this sorts the souls between full or not . Full souls progress to Level 5 , the rest are recycled to new body’s and will keep going around until they’re full . ( What you think you’ve been here just once Ha well think again).

Layer 5 Ascendance : Well for the ones that get this far , hey congratulations, you made it, you get to take your place in the wider universe.

I wish I could tell you more but the folk that go there don’t tend to send postcards back , Hi lovely weather having a great time etc . The only tip I can give you is this you don’t need to be a goody goody to ascend , the key word here is balance, you can do good things and bad things in your previous mortality but in the end its all gotta be if perfect balance. Good , bad one can’t exist without the other.

Layer 6 : Ok there isn’t officially a layer six . But this is where I’m at , you see some like me fall through the layers , this is down to a flaw in the design of layer 3. If you never loved or was loved by someone in life , well then theres no one to assess you and you kinda end up working for the company, cleaning , maintenance, folder preparation that kind of thing.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention , all this , all the layers its all one big company, there is a director somewhere but nobody’s ever seen him , her or it .

So sorry all you religious folks , God the Devil, well they are just poster boys, guidelines every firm needs good advertising right?.

So that’s the main rules , and you only get to see it from the outside if your a sixer , that’s what we call ourselves. Its actually not that bad , at least we have a purpose to fill the time, and every 100 years or so we get given the chance of another life to see if we can make layer 4 that time round. Some of us learn first time , and some like me, well lets just say I’m 630 years old now and about to start my 7th “parole”.

Oh hey I never told you my name , they call me Conner here, that’s not my original name but its been so long now i forget it , buts that what i was last time round , a conman , I was 30 when I died originally and screwed up the last six attempts at ascending.

This is the story of my 7th and final life , how I met the director and how we repaired the layer system .

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