Playing you,you playing me

How do you expect me to care

Betrayed already by your new love, nightmare

Only problem is I do , I loved you then still do

Im torn in two at the thought your hurting

But still with darker thoughts my mind is flirting

One side wants to hold you tight , to tell you its gonna be alright

The other says how does it feel to have cast away what you thought was real ?

The winning side  always shows compassion cause my love for you it has no ration

If I could have you back again

I’d promise with me there’d be no pain

But thats like asking for it not to rain

Your now a prize I cant obtain

Your going to do whats right for you

Still one plus one plus one’s still two

Yet now from me advice you seek

And i’ll be honest the guys a cheat

Im sorry that I  dare to care

Though your with him and i’m not there

But please my friend keep your problems discreet

Cause asking me, leaves me hurt and bleak.

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