Mighty ruler of the deep
Defend your borders
From those who seek
To steal the riches of your realm , you send white horses to overwhelm.

Those human lovers of the land , will launch thier ships from golden sands
and cast those nets and lines so deep and take the treasures that you keep .

Rise up Poseidon king of sea , bring forth your creatures for them to see
The lust and greed of mortal man , then sink their ships any way they can .

Send the fools down into dark , send your wolves in form of sharks to shred thier flesh and gnaw the bones, no single man will return home.

Rest now the watery battles done, most that were drowned were first drowned in rum.

Mighty ruler of the waves , return in peace to submerged caves , sit on your throne regaled with coral and recall your beast that terrible kraken.

Let the mariners from a time long past , pass on this tale , with sinister laugh , If you cross Poseidon you will breath you last .

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