She mockingly pressed her hips into my death with cadaverous spasms, willfully binding my heart to hers with a carefree dark burlesque dance.

The soft cold passion of her kiss revived my rotting flesh,as she flicked that venomous tounge deep into my soul.

“Rise” she whispered in breathless arousal “Return to me I will not let you go”.

From somewhere,somewhere distant,somewhere deep that should not be a spirit screams as it’s torn from the spinning maelstrom of unpropitious , malignant souls , all clawing for some kind of redemption for the evil deeds of their misspent lives.

Whitened eyes slowly open, dim candlelight , exotic incense burning with sickly sweetness.

The pain of the death shot sears across my mouldering brain,the shock enough to restart my long still heart, for a horrifying eternal moment the sordid tale of my worthless life and violent death plays out on the tomb wall in ghastly silhouette.

She slides from the shadows like a serpent intent on prey, her dark long hair drapped over her naked form a wildness in her gaze , her face comes into full focus ,the only good damn thing i had in my sordid living existence.

“What have you done”I croaked in a grim hoarse whisper.

“I am your priestess , I will never let you go” . Her lust crazed eyes burn me with long forgotten passion as she mounts my decicated corpse. I try to push her away with useless atrophied muscles, but she continues her victorious climb.

“Don’t do this , in the name of all that’s holy” I cry , as if a wretch like me would know whats holy .

“I am your priestess you will do as i desire” her tone is imperious , irresistable , a wicked smile plays upon her lips as her increasing influence transforms me into a powerless husk trapped by her relentless macabre rhythm.




  1. Absolutely brilliant! You pull us into your world so that we see, feel and even taste what you want us to do. That kind of writing is magic. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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