Spirit Sprites.

Have you seen them ? Have you seen then , I have .

They are the fleeting shadows at the corner of vision, the shinning red eyes in the night ,the distorted reflection in a broken mirror. Their beauty so terrifying it burns the eye, their countenance grim as death itself , I dare not hold their gaze.

Have you heard them ? Have you heard them ? I have.

They are the scream that will not stop while your sleeping, the mournful sobbing of a billion lost loves , lost lives and broken promises in dreams within disturbing dreams .

Have you felt them ? Have you felt them ? I have.

They are the shiver running down your spine, the hairs raising on your arms, the urge to leap , to laugh , to love , to go the one step too far. They subtly hint with joyful malevolence, feeding on your anger , passions and darkest desires. They are the source of your doubts and fears .

Are they here yet ? Are they here yet?Yes they inhabit every moment of every time and place, your lost thoughts , daydreams and nightmares.If you leave your mind unguarded, in they creep weaving their expresionistic morosenes into your exposed subconciousness.

What are they ? What are they ? I do not know I have seen them, I have heard them and felt their presence , yet i cannot define their true physicality . They came , they went and will return.

Can you see them ? Can you see them….They are back.

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