Terminally yours.

Reflections, revelations poetry and writings.

Come lie with me my deathly angel I’ve waited  all my days for thee, most mortals fear your grim demeanor,  icy touch , finality , but I discern a fair-faced woman , pale of skin and warm of heart , with tender touch and sensual whisper ” come now my love you’ve played your part”.

And now I breathe my final moments in the refuge of your soft caress, It calms my fears regrets forgotten , your compassion ever fathomless , now finally my heart go’s still release me from this fleshy cell , you lead me up out into  darkness , below away the world it fell.

I’ll follow you my deathly angel with love and passion  in formless flight , I gaze once more at tearful face’s and will a thought into their minds, “im with her now my one true lady I think I’m gonna be alright…

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