The fall of an empire

Then so at last his empire fell , with a terrible crash and burning smell .

The share holders flailed , the president wailed as their silver dollars turned to useless shale .

The working masses ceased their toil for to this emperor they were not loyal.

He paid them barely enough to live , but he expected them their lives to give , to give up family, and give up home,and now his greed had left him all alone.

Now as the wolves howl at his door , he remembers now what it is to be poor.

To keep those howling beasts at bay this loathsome man had, had his day .

As the masses jeered and cheered , the emperor faced his mortal fear that all his lies would reappear.

To haunt him , taunt him night and day as his crumbled empire faded away .

Forgotten by history , wiped from time , a greedy man long past his prime.

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