The last voyage of the Lady Jane .


Yo ho brave lads 

set sail with me

for one last jolly jape

we set a course on this fine day

destination death and ruin.

For if we be the last free crew on these seven seas

We’ll depart this life with such glorious adventure

long after our bones are gone to dust

songs  be sung and tales be told bout the good old lady Jane

So sail for glory 

sail for treasure

sail for the thrill of the fight 

or whatever else gives ya black souls peace

Not for us the slow decay of old age 

or the hangman’s unforgiving noose.

We’ll sail endlessly on these deep seas 

on the good old Lady Jane.

Mark me good lads ,

that once we’ve gone

the world will never see our like again

So load them canon

prime them pistols

and sharpen all ye swords

This night we face our final trial and all our guts be spilled

and if we take a few down too

then damn them all to hell

So sail with me once more brave lads

we gentleman of fortune

we’ll sing a song of women and rum

till last man drops

and  Jane be sunk

and all our journeys said and done.



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