The old house and tall tales

Down a lane in misty woods an old paint peeled house there stood , it’s rooms were full of history , fantasy and mystery you would always pass by quickly if you could.

In that house a young woman dwelt , her starlight eyes stout hearts would melt, with wicked smiles and whispered rhymes she’d invite you in to chat sometimes .

Her mind was a cabinet of curiosity’s with imagination virtuosity , she was pleasantly weird and darkly baroque as she watched you quite closely from beneath her black hooded cloak .

She had an aura of innocent sin , a narrative power that would never dim , telling tales of incredible things , her love for her darkness and her demons within .

You would then want to stay and fear to go , for in that old paint peeled house you had gotten to know a girl called Serenity , a queen of calamity , empress of insanity but the truest friend you’ll ever know . 🖤


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