The Reaper .

Beware brave soldier sleep lightly for tonight the reaper hunts , if your’e not wary ,or if you should fail what remains he will find here cold dead and pale .Riding in on his flaming horse , fighting not running your only recourse.

Don’t dream that comfortable dream of home for tonight very soon , you will need to fight.

Fight for life, fight for the light , fight against the dark of night,fight against eternity , with him theres no bargain, no appeal plea. Open yours eyes , stay alive or he’ll take your spirit for his morbid prize.

Try and avoid his empty stare , for all your guilt you will see in there, every lie and every sin , every weakness ammunition for him.

That old grim figure raised from his throne , with robes of pure black drapped on bleach white bone .

The reaper ,death or Azreal just when he shows up no one can tell , for time has no meaning ,his patience like stone , eons pass like mere seconds , civilisations rise and fall , your mortal soul he’ll collect like harvested corn.

At length he will win with ghastly humourless grin you ,me , all our kin, all mankind must face our demise .

But take heart brave soldier of the light , if youv’e been just,honest and lived your life right ,If youv’e loved someone , cared and given your heart , you will be granted safe passage and know peace at last.

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