The Spectrum

I’m not like you , but what I can be is someone who thinks creatively.

I’m not like you, but I am fine so what if I like things in straight lines.

I’m not like you , what you call ocd is just what feels right to me.

I’m not like you , when a story ends I’ll think on what that end depends .

I’m not like you , I’m good at maths but often forget to put out the trash.

I’m not like you , I don’t make friends easy , and the smallest things will often please me.

I’m not like you I note things in detail , I often remember exact size and scale .

I’m not like you I am Autistic but come on people get a grip .

I am like you I love, I laugh ,I treasure memories of the past , I’m not thick and I’m not stupid In fact like you I’m completely lucid .

I am like you I’m a human being so I really shouldn’t care how you see me , but I do and you may call me mad or weird , but its time your ignorance disappeared.


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