The story of a song.

This piece has gone through various edits and rewrites and here i am looking at it again.

It began as a quiet hum in the smallest village at the furthest corner of the globe, buzzing around the uncomplicated minds of the primitive creatures who dwelt there.

In time beyond measure the people progressed outgrowing the village , they moved  away  building towns and cities as they spread across the continent. 

As the population grew the hum turned into a constant chant , just in the back ground, but there, just on the edge of perception .

Again more time passed, and as a multitude of minds became attuned to its frequency the chant gained strength evolving again ,it was growing now , quickly into a song , not some backwater ditty of simple folk , the song of a nation proud , full of hope and glorious purpose. But it wanted more

The nation filled with people, good people , bad people, the powerful and the hopeless, the song used them all to achieve its own ends, resonating around its empty-headed victims skulls, while quietly perfecting its plan.

Without ever really knowing why the population grew bored and discontent of their beautiful land . Their leaders decreed ” We will build mighty ships and set out across the oceans” . They did not know of their stowaway. 

The people travelled far and wide, meeting strange folk with outlandish ways and songs of their own. The song carefully wove itself around the alien melody’s altering them one by one.

Millenia passed the globe became full of minds , weak minds the song could control. Every nation had their version of it , every child learnt it in school ,powerful men stood proud and defiant as they  tunelessly mouthed along.The song had real power now,

 Power enough to influence its puppet governments,

Power enough to instil arrogant pride in the people,

Power enough to dethrone kings,

Power enough to kill.

That tiny little hum from so long ago just on the edge of hearing had now become an insane scream ” I WILL RULE ,  I WILL RULE, YOU WILL OBEY ME , YOU WILL DIE FOR ME”. 

A piercing shriek of a world in terror ,a world breaking at its seams, a world at war with itself. Until finally,

With a terrible ROAR …….

And a deathly rattle…..

DEAFENING silence……

It started as a hum……






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