The Things I Didn’t Know

The thing I didn’t know was how to let go , just how to lay this to rest.

I was clutching at straws , when you walked out that door, because you were the one I loved best.

I mourned that loss more than anyone before , had no clue of what to do next.

I thought you’d made a mistake , and decided with haste , to move onto other pastures .

What I didn’t know then , it was part of your plan , and what I felt didn’t matter.

You’d convinced me so well, that I just couldn’t tell , the depth of your lies from the truth.

What I didn’t know then , you’d already commited the sin, while I was out earning a crust.

I loved you so blindly ,the betrayal untimely , while I stupidly gave you my trust.

What I didn’t know then was when life would begin again after you left me so broken

You hurt me , you knew it but now I’ve got through it , and I hope I never see you again.

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