The Trump

I am the Trump , a wigged up chump, your presidential Forest Gump.

Through slander, sleaze and misdirection I just scraped through this rigged election

I greet you with a fox sly smile,goodbye Barrack I’ll stay a while.

I’ll beg your trust but can’t disguise the porcine greed behind these  eyes.

I’ll lie and cheat , pretend to feel to keep my hands upon this wheel.

I’ll build a wall cause i believe that Mexico’s a bad disease.

Muslim, Hindu,Buddist Monk i’ll ban you all then break for lunch.

I am the Trump you unlucky bunch , when push come to shove, when comes the crunch, if anyone should disagree i’ll push this button in front of me.

But Mr Trump I hope all you’ll be is a footnote in our history, and Mr Trump please agree don’t burn our world in front of me.


You can’t fix this kind of stupid.



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