The Ulysses.

I wake from deep sleep , its been ninety eight years since the last time I opened my eyes.

Only allowed on this journey , because duty calls me, I climb out of my pod with stretching and a sighs .

A disorienting moment while my mind reconfigure’s , I’m no longer on earth , earth the human race’s mother , now so far away , I wish I had stayed and faced my fate with the others.

I was too scared to watch it all die and burn our damned bloody race we just never learnt.

They were destined to suffocate on a world that couldn’t breath, all the forests had long burnt , and plastic choked seas.

So here I am flying through infinite space , heading for new earth, at an incredible pace. Doomed to keep waking to repair the good ship Ulysses .

On this technical marvel our life raft , our ark , silently speeding long through the dark . Now to begin this cycle of work , the system read outs are going berserk .

I go through the faults a few minor one major , fuel conduit leak the ship is in danger .

My last thoughts recorded before I entered that room , sealed , in with radiation this will be my tomb.

My name is Charlie designation tech five , I’m the reason you people are all still alive, If you’re seeing this message it means I have died time index 21:15 6089.

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