Dancing on her own , in her own world , moving slowly in a rhythmic rapture oozing an undeniable sensuality .

Music intensifying her black dress clad body seems to coil and writhe like a exorcised demon , eyes closed still locked inside whichever of her fantasys currently plays through her mind .

Dark eyes open looking at me, looking through me , reading my life like a cheap novel .

She’s undeniable , unreliable , unavoidable , trouble coming on the double .

She’s irresistible , incredible ,now overtly over sexual a creature of pure fantasy as her poison lips mouth dance with me .

Her perfume overwhelms me , her careful spell consumes me , with wicked smile and knowing look she’s now the author of my book.

She now controls my fate , to her my mind soul and body is now staked , to put it quite simply she’s undeniable.


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