Who are you really?.

Please show me dark lady ,what lies behind those deep soulful alluring eyes.

Show me your hopes, tell me your dreams will you share with me the wonders that those eyes have seen .

Take my hand and lead me through the paths of your mind known only to you , I give you my word , my blood sworn oath that all that you show me will be kept as a secret between us both .

What things annoy you , make anger spark ? The fears that awake you , scared crying out in the dark.

Take me on a journey of your deepest desires , the things that excite you and make you quiver inside, the things that amuse you , make you laugh out loud , the things you’ve achieved and what makes you proud.

Please show me all this right here at the start and bind us together never to part .

I share all of myself with you as an open book , here for reading, come take a look .

You lead me in right to the core of you , with absolute trust your love you imbue.

So now I know the woman inside forever, devoted I’I’ll stay by your side .

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