Terminally yours.

Come lie with me my deathly angel I’ve waited  all my days for thee, most mortals fear your grim demeanor,  icy touch , finality , but I discern a fair-faced woman , pale of skin and warm of heart , with tender touch and sensual whisper ” come now my love you’ve played your part”.

And now I breathe my final moments in the refuge of your soft caress, It calms my fears regrets forgotten , your compassion ever fathomless , now finally my heart go’s still release me from this fleshy cell , you lead me up out into  darkness , below away the world it fell.

I’ll follow you my deathly angel with love and passion  in formless flight , I gaze once more at tearful face’s and will a thought into their minds, “im with her now my one true lady I think I’m gonna be alright , I promise that you all will meet her but not until your time is right ” I have to go for on she beckons up into the black beyond the place to which we go is  distant we’re universal vagabonds

The speed at which we fly is slowing ,time  it has no meaning here, my question answered without asking ” relax my love for we are here”, ultra white light splits the night a crystal palace is in sight we drift on in to whoops and cheers from all the souls of all the years , welcomed in with open arms.  My deathly angel  holds up her hands a hush descends across her lands  “My friends” she calls to one and all” my missions at and end I’ve searched all time all space and world’s to find my true soul friend” .

So when comes time to follow me I can’t perceive what you will see but do not fear when she – he appears you will be alright my dears.


Pic credit celtic world


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