Winter of our love

I feel the winter of our love.

Cold featureless landscape ,tears sting like lashing rain.

Icy monotony, frigid wind freezes heart , emotion , all things.

Gone are sunny days, the flower filled meadow in which we used to run and laugh.

Just snow choked plains that can’t be passed.

The summer warmth in our eyes now permafrost stare , dead , unkind.

What happened to make this love so cold,

Where most’s passions cool with time , ours froze.

No gentle loving touch survives, there’s nothing left of us to revive.

Just unbroken chill eminating from within , freezing forever what could have been.


One comment

  1. I love winter… but not so much the winter of love. I suppose there is a balance to it all… being that love needs a spring, summer, autumn… but we all hope winter will be the final days of life.


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